Shipping Policy

Our current shipping policy, which is applicable to all of our clients, is followed by all orders completed through our website. We advise you to study our shipping guidelines before placing an order for goods on our website.

Shipping strategy and tracking

Any order over £200 receives a free expedited shipping option from us (subject to change as per our policy).

To enable you to trace the progress of your order after shipping, we will give you an order tracking code.

Any order over £300 receives a free expedited shipping option from us (subject to change as per our policy) along with free bonus pills. To enable you to trace the progress of your order after shipping, we will give you an order tracking code.

Information that we gather

You agree and recognize that we may request or gather specific information, such as your name, shipping address, billing address, location, contact information, email address, etc., in order to provide correct and timely shipping. You must make sure all the information you offer is correct and complete enough to pinpoint the precise location of the delivery. You acknowledge that by withholding accurate and complete information, you may be held responsible for any faulty shipments.

Shipping Rules

We make an effort to ship the package at the specified address by the deadline that was given to you. Our logistics partner may get in touch with you or try again to deliver the product if you are not available to accept the delivery. We retain the right to cancel the order on your behalf if you are still unavailable. Any shipping or shipping-related fees you pay may be deducted from your refund when processing the cancellation. You understand and agree that we will only deliver your order to the person listed as the mailing address.

At the time of the delivery, you or the person who has placed an order with us should be present. If you fail to do so, we reserve the right to disagree with your request for re-shipment, cancellation or refund.

Refund Policy

We want you to have a good experience while you’re here. Although most of our deliveries go without a hitch, in the event that there is a problem with a product, our refund policy guarantees that clients will either be satisfied with the products they ordered or will get a full refund. You can be confident that you will receive your money back when you request for the money-back guarantee.

How to submit a request for a free reship

Please check our tracking tool to see if the delivery is overdue before continuing.

Contact customer care and let us know about the non-delivery. We’ll start by looking for your package, and if the postal service is unable to fix the issue, you can choose between a free re-shipment or a refund.

It’s crucial to remember that while it typically takes 2 to 5 business days, the refund may take up to 14 days to show up in your account.

How to cancel the order

 When the payment is yet to be verified

You need not to cancel the order if the payment process has not been completed. The order gets processed only once the payment is made. If your payment is denied, you can place a new order with other payment option.

 When the payment is completed
Once the payment is made; you can cancel the order within 24 hours. Please connect with our customer care team, and provide them the order number to initiate the order cancellation process. No question will be asked at the time of order cancellation.

Privacy Policy

We are devoted to protecting the security of all of your personal information. This privacy statement contains information on how we handle your information and protect it against hackers and data theft. Visitors are therefore advised to carefully read the privacy policy from beginning to end before making a purchase from us. Our “Privacy Policy” and other important aspects of the website are subject to constant amendment. This is done in order to make sure you get the greatest services for a smooth and enjoyable experience when working with us. The online pharmacy reserves the ability to alter the current rules whenever it wants, without informing customers first. The “Privacy Policy” option can be found at the bottom of the website, where customers can check the most recent and updated policies.

Medical and personal data

For registration and verification to be successful, users must upload their personal information and patient data to our website. Included are name, contact details, billing address, email address, and any medicines. As soon as you upload this data, our website instantly recognizes it and uses SSL to encrypt it. As a result, neither third parties nor hackers may access your information when you shop with us.